Rainforestguide - Rainforest structure Emergent trees-> canopy-> understory-> groundlayer Nutrient cycling Rains on the canopy(canopy leaching

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Rainforest structure: Emergent trees -> canopy -> understory -> groundlayer Nutrient cycling: Rains on the canopy (canopy leaching), throughfall to ground, or fine litterfall to forest floor fine litter, where decomposers or weathering of rock go to mineral soil (can go streamflow), roots suck it in, then uptake to canopy/trees Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium Roots: Buttress roots-go everywhere, big wavy, stilt roots-thin long straight on stilts Epiphyte: organism that grows upon or attached to a living plant Cauliflorous: flowers and fruits = grow from the trunk Deforestation: Agriculture and cattle grazing Logging Mineral, petroleum, and gas extraction Proximate and ultimate causes-proximate causes above, ultimate: population growth, consumption/economic growth, poverty (not enough economic growth, inequality Conservation vs. sustainable development Climate change, carbon payments, biofuels Ecotourism Restoration Activism Social and ecological systems are linked. Scale
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