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Biological magnification - A pollutant gets into the food supply; each food particle has a small amount of pollutant. The next animal up on the food chain eats this and now has a larger amount of pollutant. The next animal that eats that animal now has an even larger amount of pollutant. So each step up the food chain, the pollutant is more highly concentrated in the animal since they’ll eat multiple contaminated food. Marine pollution. Domestic sewage and solid waste. Nutrients – dif parts of sewage are solid waste, plastic, chemicals, bacteria, organic matter. Nutrients can be chemicals, like fertilizers; it upsets the ecosystem – it makes a ton of organisms grow, but when they die they suck out the oxygen from the water and create a dead zone; so when fertilizers run into rivers, ocean floor off the delta becomes a dead zone. Synergistic – things that work together; combination of several pollutants Different levels of water treatment – primary, secondary, tertiary – tertiary you drink Powerplants on coasts – build so you can get rid of cooling water after it’s hot, to have cool water Pacific decadal oscillations (PDO) – affects upwelling, trade winds, weather, fishing, in an el nino year. Fish fare worse in the southern hemisphere because it gets colder. El nino makes weather crazier. Upwelling feeds the fish. A particle will move differently and at a different latitude. No nutrients=no plankton, not good. Domoic acid produces a food change. Upwelling brings nutrients to surface. During el nino, things like upwelling get hampered down in the southern hemisphere. Trade winds switch direction during el nino. Upwelling gets cut off during el nino, so there are less nutrients (fish die) Desalinate water – reverse osmosis, evaporation, freezing
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