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week 8 assignmnet_incorporating feedback

week 8 assignmnet_incorporating feedback - ►Explain how...

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Com 150 Week 8 Day 7 Assignment: Incorporating Feedback ►What feedback did you receive from your instructor? My instructor had me rewrite my thesis statement so it made more sense. Also, they counted off for not submitting my paper in APA format, forcing me to ►What feedback did you receive from the peer reviewer? None, My peer reviewer did not complete their assignment. ►What feedback did you receive from the Center for Writing Excellence? The biggest “offense” the Center for Writing Excellence got my paper for second person reference. I tend to write as if I’m having a conversation, so I write “you” and “their” a lot. Also, the number rule , numbers larger than 9 don’t have to be written out.
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Unformatted text preview: ►Explain how you will incorporate the feedback into your paper. I changed my second person references and removed my written numbers. ►How does this feedback improve your expository essay? I think it made it more acceptable to a larger audience. My paper no longer is speaking to one person but, includes everyone now. ►What feedback did you choose not to include? Explain your answers. There was only one spot where I chose not to include some of the advice I received. It was at a certain point where I tried to rewrite my sentence but, it made no sense any other way so I chose to leave it be as it was referring to second person and first or third just didn’t make sense....
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