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Week 1 Check Point

Week 1 Check Point - amounts of overtime and was directly...

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Week 1 Check Point: Taking a Position Part A The key issue from the comic strip is moral issue about stealing from your employer I think Anita suspends judgment because if it she hadn’t it would have been a lot shorter comic strip, Anita would have immediately stated that Tanya was wrong and that she was going to turn her in. I think the answer is both she comes to a moral value judgment and a logical escalation of that judgment. Anita came to terms with it’s just plain wrong and then escalated thru HR. As the comic ends Anita is taking action as a result of her decision. As stated above she escalating the issue to responsible department. Part B My position was a work issue where I was wrongly given a bad review for my yearly review. I had had one of best performance years in my career and had put in copuis
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Unformatted text preview: amounts of overtime and was directly responsible for millions of dollars of revenue and repeat business for the next fiscal year and had gotten a below par performance review. After I had received my review I then chose to escalate the issue and go around my immediate management to their supervisors. I suspended judgment; I chose not to respond immediately because I did not want my escalation to appear emotionally driven. I used logic I researched the proper path to take and followed it to the letter. I solved the issue after a committee review of my supervisors peers re I solved the issue after a committee of my supervisor’s peers reviewed my performance I was given the correct review points and placed under another supervisor as the situation was now hostile....
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