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ANTH 154-21 --syllabus (1) - Ivy Tech Community College...

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Ivy Tech Community College Lafayette/Regional Syllabus Course Information Semester: Fall - 201020 Course and Section Number: ANTH 154- 21D (CRN # 38027) Credits : 3.0 Course Title: Cultural Anthropology Contact Hours: 3 Hours Lecture Prerequisites/Corequisites: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of “C” or better in ENGL 025 Introduction to College Writing II and ENGL 032 Reading Strategies for College II and MATH 044 Mathematics School : Liberal Arts and Sciences Program : Liberal Arts Days :TR Time: 4 :30 – 5 :45 pm Building:Ivy Room: 2283 Faculty Information Name : Chad Broeker Office Location: Ivy Hall 1138E E-mail address: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: Phone school office, leave message Fax number: (765) 269-5131 Office Hours: By Appointment School Office: Ivy Hall 1166, (765) 269-5710 Catalog Description: The scientific study of human culture. Variations in patterns of human behavior are holistically examined in their relationship to such factors as biological evolution, socialization, kinship, economy, religion, education, personality, art, music, dance, and cultural change. General Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course the student will be expected to: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the historical origins of the discipline. 2. Show familiarity with the holistic and cultural relativistic attitudes characteristic of the discipline. 3. Exhibit a fundamental knowledge of the key analytic concepts and theoretical perspectives of cultural anthropology. 4. Identify the major methodological techniques used in anthropological research. 5. Demonstrate knowledge of the most important research findings in the field. 6. Understand the professional role of the anthropologist. 7. Understand the relationship of cultural anthropology to other social sciences and to the anthropological sub-disciplines of archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and biological anthropology. 8. Identify significant applications of anthropological perspectives to contemporary problems of diversity and social change. Additional Course Learning Objectives: In conjunction with achieving the above objectives, the student will gain insight into the significance of understanding and interpreting “the other” in relationship to his/her own life patterns. 1/12/2011 Updated
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Course Content: Topical areas of study include -- Historical foundations Culture area research Biological evolution Cultural institutions (kinship, religion, economy, etc) Culture concepts Personality, socialization and expressive arts Theoretical perspectives Professional role of the anthropologist Research methods Applied anthropology Required Texts: Kottak, C. P. 2008
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ANTH 154-21 --syllabus (1) - Ivy Tech Community College...

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