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MBA 502 Diane E. Malone Module 8.2: Forum Discussion August 24, 2010 Regardless of the recession Gladstone Capital has made it through a few bumps and is once again building. They have been paying ~90% of their dividends throughout the recession of the past three years (Gladstone Capital Corp, 2010). They have maintained their dividend outlay, even when their stock is reportedly being under-priced at sale. There have been times the money coming in has been less than the amounts going out, yet they are still hanging in there. As mentioned in my previous paper, IPO’s have been known by the
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Unformatted text preview: companies who release them as well as the investors as potential problems. This is proving true with Gladstone. They could be making even double the return on their shares if the underwriters underestimate the value of the shares. This is making it a bargain for the investors but a headache for Gladstone. References Gladstone Capital Corp. (2010, August 25). Retrieved August 25, 2020, from The Motley Fool: source=icasittab0000002...
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