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Unit Plan Template     Unit Plan Template     Note: Type in the gray areas. Unit Author Dell Shealy Newberry County Schools Newberry High School 3113 Main Street Newberry, SC, 29108 (803)321-2621 If your Unit Portfolio is chosen to be uploaded to the Intel ®  Teach to  the Future database, do you want your name displayed as the  author?  Yes No Unit Overview Sines of the Time Curriculum-Framing Questions What do trigonometric functions have to do with right triangles, and what is a unit circle? Unit Summary Students will have a basic understanding of right triangle trigonometry and will be able to evaluate the six trig functions using the "special right triangles" and the unit circle. Subject Area(s) (Click boxes of all subjects that apply) Business Education Engineering Home Economics Language Arts Music School to Career Social Studies Drama Foreign Language Industrial Technology Math Physical Education Science Technology Other: Other: Other: Grade Level   (Click boxes of all grade levels that apply) I N T E L ® T E A C H T O T H E F U T U R E with support from Microsoft ©2000 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved 1
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K-2 6-8 ESL Gifted and Talented 3-5 9-12 Resource Other: Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes 1) define the six trig functions using a right triangle
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TrigLessonPlanDS - UnitPlanTemplate UnitPlanTemplate Note:...

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