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Important for women of all child bearing years rda is

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Unformatted text preview: alcohol and drugs. Alcoholics are at risk of deficiency. Aspirin and oral contraceptives lowers absorption. absorption. Deficiency can cause macrocytic anemia or neural Deficiency tube defects in growing fetus. tube Spina Bifida Vitamin B-12 Assists folate in cell division. Deficiencies causes large immature red blood cells Deficiencies and has similar symptoms as folate deficiency. If not treated, severe B-12 deficiency can lead to If neurological damage. neurological Vitamin B-12 requires an intrinsic factor to Vitamin absorb. This can be lost via stomach surgery, or some This are born without it. are Vitamin B-12 deficiency caused by lack of Vitamin intrinsic factor is called pernicious anemia. intrinsic Vitamin C Important for collagen formation. Acts as an antioxidant. Important in amino acid metabolism. Stress Stress Increases vitamin C needs to an extent. In megadoses, it acts like an antihistamine (2 In grams per day). grams Deficiency can cause scurvy. Too much can obscure diabetes tests. Toxic...
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