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Unformatted text preview: ht Fat distribution pattern associated with low Fat risk of illness risk Freedom from all medical conditions that Freedom would suggest a need for weight loss would BMI Wt (lbs) x 703 Ht (inches)2 Wt (lbs) xx703 Ht (inches) Shape-Up America Advisory on BMI Former US Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop Former advised in August, 2000 that one’s body fat percentage is superior to the currently accepted BMI indicator. is Percent body fat is said to be as significant an indicator Percent of health status as blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. levels. Findings based on study of 1626 adults of diverse Findings ethnicity in AJCN Sept. 2000. ethnicity Problems with BMI are two-fold: Judgement of highly muscular individuals with a Judgement high BMI as being overfat. high BMI can fail to identify people at increased risk who BMI are in the healthy BMI zone but have elevated body fat. fat. Assessing Body Fat Percent Body Fat Men 20-29y Excellent good moderate overweight significantly O.W. 13....
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