Aid vitamin d is a hormone which targets the vitamin

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Unformatted text preview: bones. intestines, Vitamin D is important in bone production by Vitamin making calcium and phosphorous available in the blood, which will bath the bones. Vitamin D Deficiency: Rickets Vitamin E An important fat soluble antioxidant; it protects An other substances from being oxidized itself. other Cell Membrane Antioxidant (prevents Cell oxidation of PUFA and other lipids) oxidation Lung Antioxidant (protects lungs from air Lung pollutants) pollutants) Heart Disease Prevention Vitamin E Myths Vitamin E Deficiency Erythrocyte Hemolysis: Breakage of red Erythrocyte blood cells blood Often seen in premature infants before Often transfer of Vitamin E from mother to infant takes place. takes Fibrocystic breast disease and intermittent Fibrocystic claudication respond with Vitamin E treatments. treatments. Vitamin K Vitamin K is also not entirely essential?? It can be Vitamin produced from bacteria found in intestinal gut. produced Important in Blood Clotting. Activates proteins involved in blood clotting. Deficiencies ca...
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