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During calcium in body fluids in blood calcium helps

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Unformatted text preview: ansmitters. and Iron Most of the iron in the body is a component of Most hemogloblin and myoglobin. hemogloblin Hemoglobin carries oxygen from the blood to the Hemoglobin tissues throughout the body. tissues Myoglobin holds oxygen for the muscles to use Myoglobin when they contract. when Iron is also the part of many enzymes to assist in Iron energy metabolism. energy Transferrin carries iron to the tissues and when Transferrin more iron is needed, more transferrin is produced. more Surpluses of iron are stored in storage proteins: Surpluses ferritin and hemosiderin. ferritin Zinc Is a required cofactor by more than 100 enzymes. Enzymes needed to make genetic material, Enzymes manufactures heme, digest foods, metabolize CHO, protein, and fat; liberates vitamin A from storage, and disposes of damaging free radicals. Interacts with platelets in blood clotting, affects Interacts thyroid hormone function, assists in immune function, affects behavior and learning performance. performance. Produces active form...
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