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Unformatted text preview: Principles Adequacy – Provides enough of each nutrient Balance – Try not to consume too much of one Balance nutrient and too little of another. Ex. Milk, while a good source of calcium, it is low in iron. good Kcalorie control – Balance energy needs Moderation – Don’t consume too much sugar, fat, Moderation or salt. Providing enough, but not too much of a dietary constituent. dietary Variety – Assists in consuming Variety all of the needed vitamins and minerals. and Food Guide Pyramid An interactive form is now found at: This pyramid allows for differences in age, This sex, and physical activity. sex, Go to the website to review the new Go pyramid. pyramid. Nutrient Density A measure of the nutrients a food measure provides relative to the energy it provides. The more nutrients and the fewer Kcalories, the higher the nutrient density. nutrient DRI DRI/RDA Trans fat Vegetarian Diets Vegan – Restricts all animal foods Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian – Includes milk, Lacto-Ovo eggs, and cheese eggs, Many other types Mutual Supplementation Complimentary Proteins...
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