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12. Crisis of confidence by Carter

12. Crisis of confidence by Carter - James Carter"Energy...

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James Carter, "Energy and the National Goals - A Crisis of Confidence" (1979) Jimmy Carter was a southern with virtually no national political experience and was very different from his predecessors in the White House, some people doubted his ability to succeed Ford. In the beginning of his presidency, he appeared to be a strong supporter of social programs and political activism. He promoted more women and minorities to his staff. He supported spending cuts, which were meant to reduce inflation but harmed social programs. Thus, Carter’s own party began to suffer. He established his own national energy policy and advocated human rights. Carter’s speech addressed his concerns for the nation as a whole. He started out using the “common man” approach by saying that he was one of the people, feeling their pain. Carter stated that his initial idea was to lecture about the energy crisis; however, he was shocked when he realized that the crisis has been going on for a long time and America was still in the mists of speaking about the issue instead of taking action. He
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