1. Imperialism by Bryan

1. Imperialism by Bryan - William Jennings...

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William Jennings Bryan, "Imperialism" (1900) William Jennings Bryan was a popular orator and Democratic Senator from Nebraska. He represented the “silverities”, or silver supporters, in the election of 1896, which was marked by the battle between those for or against coining silver. “Cross of Gold” was one of his more known speeches which he attacked the gold standard. He won the Democratic nomination and then made a sufficient effort to get silver coinage. Bryan represented the common person and traveled throughout the nation to campaign at train stops. His competitor, McKinley did just the opposite, and stayed at home. However, in the end, McKinley won the election because it was mostly a regional poll. Bryan won the South and the West but lost every state in the North and Midwest. In the speech, “Imperialism” by Williams Jennings Bryan during the Democratic National Convention, Bryan vehemently argued against imperialism and the Republican Party. His anti-imperialism stance described how he did not wish to emulate the British
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1. Imperialism by Bryan - William Jennings...

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