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holocaust film - History Holocaust Questions How were Jews...

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History – Holocaust Questions How were Jews viewed in the United States in the pre-WWII era? Prior to WWII in the US Jews were viewed pretty much the same as they were viewed everywhere else, though with less violence associated to the viewing. The US was inhabited by Christians, as well as Europe, and Christians have been discriminating against Jews for 2000 years. Christians in the US operated under the disadvantage of not being able to beat hell out of them and take whatever they had because the government stood in the way, but they still managed to communicate their scorn. Anti-Semitic sentiment existed among the American public and in Congress, however it did not reach its peak until the height of the War. Thus, it is clear that anti- Semitism was a prevalent attitude in the US, which was especially convenient for America during the Holocaust. In America, anti-Semitism, which reached high levels in the late 1930’s, continued to rise in the 1940’s. During the years before Pearl Harbor, over a hundred anti-Semitic organizations were responsible for pumping hate propaganda throughout the American public. Furthermore, especially in New York City and Boston, young gangs vandalized Jewish cemeteries and synagogues, and attacks on Jewish youngsters were common. Swastikas and anti-Jewish slogans, as well as anti- Semitic literature were spread. What groups were working for and against the cause of European Jews in the United States? What tactics did they use? The American Jewry demanded negotiations with Axis powers through neutral countries for the removal of as many Jews as possible to save places and arrangements to permit feeding of Jews in ghettos. The French National Committee met in London to show their similar diffidence. The representatives branded the German regime of terror through strong language. The American Jewish Congress asked the conference to condemn the specific crimes against Jews, the governments in exile said that such a reference might be equal the racial theories that we all reject. The American Jewish Congress continued to organize protest rallies throughout the 1930s and 1940s. In 1936 the American Jewish Congress was instrumental in establishing the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Maintaining his position as president of the AJC, Rabbi Wise was also elected president of the WJC. During World
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holocaust film - History Holocaust Questions How were Jews...

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