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take home test 1 - 1. A-the republican party didnt dominate...

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1. A-the republican party didn’t dominate for the 17 th , 22 nd , 24 th presidencies ( Andrew Johnson Grover Cleveland 23. Benjamin Harrison B-TR also C- Clevland not consec D-republicans always won by majority E- is correct because usually the third party gets no electoral votes but they get a slice of the popular vote but it is always very slim 2. a. Wounded knee = Indian b. Little big horn = Indian; become a landmark in relations between the U.S. Government and the Indians of the Great Plains c. Sand creek Massacre = clashes between native Americans and white settlers d. Vicksburg = civil war = orrect e. Fetterman = battle, named the Battle of the Hundred Slain by the Indians and the Fetterman Massacre by the soldiers, was the worst army defeat on the Great Plains ... 3. Dawes a. Wrong bc it didn’t have anything to do with blacks b. Wrong b/c they wanted to end Indian power and culture c. Didn’t undermine the bureau of Indian affairs because the act trusted the bureau of Indian affairs to manage this trust fund properly. d. Not accepted by Indians because they didn’t like to give their land away e. Correct because it took the land away from the Indians and redistributed. 4. populists: wanted free silver a. NOT kkk because they were a racist gang b. Shay’s rebellion: poor farmers angered by what they felt to be crushing debt and taxes c. knights of labor - accepting women and blacks d. tax whiskey in order to pay off the national debt
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take home test 1 - 1. A-the republican party didnt dominate...

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