NOTES prerev - History Notes- PreRevolutionary War Britains...

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Britain’s Financial Problems - John Stewart, Earl of Bute -> Replaced William Pitt as Prime Minister - Bute, new PM, was then replaced by George Grenville. [Still Britain] - Britain- increased taxes-> to maintain empire-> RIOTS o Cider tax - Colonies** on the OTHER hand, prospering - Britain decided to impose new taxes and enforce old duties on the colonies o Wanted to profit off of growing colonies. [Revenue Program] o Britain had a large bill to pay after the F and I war. o They used the colonies to pay back debt o They figured that this was ok, because the colonies were already being taxed way less than the average British citizen in Europe. Acts - Sugar Act : o Lowered tax on molasses but enforced strict regulation Encouraged colonists to buy imported molasses rather than smuggle in molasses illegally b/c the rules were stricter upon the 3pence tax of molasses made smuggling harder. Also smugglers would be tried in courts in Britain rather than local colonial courts- punishment was intensified. o More smugglers got arrested o British court- very strict. Rum: Molasses > Caribbean, sell rum back to England. It added a list of goods from the colonies that could not be sent anywhere else except for England Colonists opposed this because they were getting charged less = less revenue These enforcements were very strict. NY didn’t like it because the $ was going towards British revenue rather than trade. - Quartering Act : o Required colonists to proved housing and supplies to any British troops who stayed behind after the F and I war Generated the least amt of protests out of all of the other Intolerable acts - The Stamp Act o Tax on basically anything that has to do with paper. Or other printed materials
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NOTES prerev - History Notes- PreRevolutionary War Britains...

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