McClellan DBQ - History DBQ: McClellan June 3, 2008...

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History DBQ: McClellan June 3, 2008 Numerous numbers of generals find it hard to be both militaristic and political. General McClellan’s removal was not as big of a loss to the Army of the Potomac as many people believe it was and politicians dub it otherwise. Although McClellan was an incredible organizer and strategist, he was too cautious and never seemed ready to fight because he tried to avoid conflict as much as possible. Because of his extreme discretion, he missed many appropriate opportunities and cost even more lives trying to fix what he had done. Lincoln and many other northern politicians were irritated and impatient with McClellan’s delayed actions. The removal of McClellan was a political win since the war was now more tangible for the politicians because McClellan wasn’t interfering with their plans. The Washington desk jockeys’ frustration with McClellan was completely justified because he was way too slow to act, especially on the outset of the Peninsular Campaign and Battle of Antietam, thus his removal was a victory for the politicians in Washington. One major impact on the politicians’ decision to remove McClellan was the Peninsular Campaign. In the Peninsular Campaign in 1862, McClellan had a large force of well-trained, well-equipped soldiers ready for battle. Confederate Army Lieutenant- General James Longstreet accounted that McClellan’s army had at least one hundred thousand men, and claims that McClellan falsely reported the number of Lee’s troops. Longstreet then claimed that McClellan was very intelligent but did not execute his
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McClellan DBQ - History DBQ: McClellan June 3, 2008...

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