history hw 6.8.09

history hw 6.8.09 - 1 What factors caused another influx of...

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1. What factors caused another influx of immigrants during the 1880s-1900? Cheaper faster better transportation Trains Transatlantic vessels Steerage passengers Efforts to modernize Government politics Religious reasons 2. What contributions did the 'new' immigrants make to American society and the American economy? Work Few skills Brought family Earn money Overpopulation Mining agriculture Railroad Construction Factory Laundry work Prostitutes Enslaved Economic transformation Challenged American ideals, beliefs, practices 3. How did the infrastructure of cities change during the latter part of the 19th century? Homogeneous social and economic changes in neighborhoods Transportation improvements enormously affected the development of American cities Working clustered neared most of industrial cities Horse drawn omnibus Bigger and faster horse railways City expand outward 4. How did neighborhoods change in cities during this time period? Working class neighborhoods-center of most industrial cities New comers of American country side and immigrants settled in cities Foreigners crowded together Ethnic groups frequently gathered in particular groups near industries requiring their labor Often had an ethnic flavor Small specialty shops and foreign language signs
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Not ethnic ghettos Immigrants and native borns same neighborhood Working class neighborhoods called slums today
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history hw 6.8.09 - 1 What factors caused another influx of...

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