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essay the dinner - US History Essay 1 The Dinner The...

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US History Essay 1- The Dinner The Chapter named “The Dinner” was about the Compromise of 1790 where two main issues were discussed between Jefferson, the host, Madison, and Hamilton. Hamilton was focused on his theory of assumption while Madison was focused on moving the capital. Based on the policy of assumption and the capital, a great distinction between the differences of federal and state power and vast division between the northern and southern sources of wealth were highlighted. The controversy between the Assumption Act and the Residence Act immediately showed the distinction between the federal and state governments. Hamilton, the nation’s first Secretary of State believed that the country needed a strong national government ran by a selected few. The Compromise of 1790, which is cleverly titled “The Dinner” in the Founding Brothers , is when Madison, Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson came together to discuss some apprehensive issues. Hamilton then proposed the theory of assumption, which stated that the federal government would fund all national and state debts, giving
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essay the dinner - US History Essay 1 The Dinner The...

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