essay the silence

essay the silence - The Chapter, The Silence starts out,...

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The Chapter, “The Silence” starts out, historically, after the Compromise of 1790 between Madison and Hamilton as both the Assumption and the Residency Act has been put into effect. The argument over slavery made the northern and the southern divide much more visible, that in the north, slavery was greatly diminishing and that in the south, it was growing exponentially. The leaders of America were torn apart by the issue of slavery, primarily divided between Northern opinions and Southern opinions. Slavery had a huge contribution to the making of this country the Northerners, the Southerners, and the Founding Fathers all had different views upon how they should act upon this issue. The Northern states opposed slavery and are fore ending slavery and slave trade. The whole slave trade issue started when two Northern states, New York and Pennsylvania presented a petition to the House to end slaver and slave trade. They rejected the South’s comeback, which stated that Congress did not have the right to intervene with slavery by stating that they did because it was under general welfare in the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin signed the letter containing the petition himself, marking his approval of the North’s decision. Many leaders from the North believed that both the bible and the Constitution did not support slavery. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts stated that it was North’s duty to stop southern slave trade and that the more slave trading they do, the more they will have to pay for it later in the long run. Vermont and New Hampshire were early in ending slavery in their state and Pennsylvania and Rhode Island soon followed even thought the Supreme Court found it was unconstitutional. Finally, the separation between North and South intensified when the Northwest Ordinance was
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essay the silence - The Chapter, The Silence starts out,...

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