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final questions- alicja - Which president was expelled from...

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-Tyler 2.Wealthiest American in history -Rockefeller 3.Inventor of cotton gin -Eli Whitney 4.Texas became a state under which president? -Tyler2 5.Founder of Mormonism -Joseph Smith 6.Which president credited Harriet Beecher Stowe for starting the CW? -Lincoln 7.Where did German immigrants go upon arrival? (Region) -Midwest 8.How did the second great awakening compare to the first? -2nd was about a "more loving god" 9.What was Temperence? -limiting consumption of alcohol and caused social reform 10.Sherman Antitrust Act? -forbade companies from merging into large monopolies 11.Why were banks so crucial in industrialization? -loaned money 12.T/F. .. Whig party never elected a president after 1848 -true 13.What was social darwinism? -survival of the fittest 14.What was a legit reason for starting the mexican war? -Mexicans were on our soil 15.What was the difference between the Knights of Labor and the American federation of Labor? -KOL=skilled+unskilled workers (died out) -AFL= only skilled workers 16. What did Samuel Slater do? -brought textile industry to America 17. What was the Chinese Exclusion Act? - curbed immigration from China 18. Two accomplishments of Polk - Mexican War, expansion 19. What type of education did Horace Mann advocate? - public education, available to everyone 20. Zachary Taylor died during which National crisis? -Compromise of 1850 21.What were the effects of the Compromise of 1850? -Fugitive Slave Act, CA became a state,end of slave trade in DC
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final questions- alicja - Which president was expelled from...

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