FINAL REVIEW - PRESIDENTS 1. What caused the panic of 1837?...

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PRESIDENTS 1. What caused the panic of 1837? -Jackson would take money from large banks and place them in smaller ones because he didn’t trust the national bank because he was for the people. -Also Species Circular- he prevented payment fo rpublic lands in any money other than gold and silver. 2. Independent treasury system: provided places in different cities for the safe keeping of government funds. It kept government funds safe from loss through fraud and mismanagement. 3. Gag Resolutions: wanted to stop debate over slavery in Congress. John Quincy Adams was against it 4. Harrison’s Election: 1840: against Van Buren first modern election because of the penny press which spread the election applicable to commoners HARD CIDER campaign- tough long cabin born, cider guzzling War hero Opposite of Van Buren OVER 80% VOTER TURNOUT TYLER: running mate in order to have north and south on one ballot What was Harrison's presidency known for? -he died early VP was Tyler: tyler got the presidency, was the last whig to be president. Expelled from party. Whigs died because they couldn’t agree on a platform and they didn’t have a strong leader to nominate 5. Democrats V. Whigs whigs no position on anything Democrats Whigs 1. The party of tradition. 2. Looked backward to the past. 3. Spoke to the fears of Americans 4. Opposed banks and corporations as. state-legislated economic privilege. 5. Opposed state-legislated reforms and preferred individual freedom of choice. 6. Were Jeffersonian agrarians who favored farms and rural independence and the right to own slaves. 7. Favored rapid territorial expansion over space by purchase or war. 1. The party of modernization. 2. Looked forward to the future. 3. Spoke to the hopes of Americans. 4. Wanted to use federal and state government to promote economic growth, especially transportation and banks. 5. Advocated reforms such as temperance and public schools and prison reform. 6. Were entrepreneurs who favored industry and urban growth and free labor. 7. Favored gradual territorial expansion
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8. Believed in progress through external growth. 9. Democratic ideology of agrarianism, slavery, states rights, territorial expansion was favored in the South. 10. small merchants in north and planters in south supported over time and opposed the Mexican War. 8. Believed in progress through internal growth > not agricultural 9. Whig ideology of urbanization, industrialization, federal rights, commercial expansion was favored in the North. 10. favored more government 11. didn’t want rabid territorial growth> only gradual 12. wanted industrial in North East 13. aristocratic 6. Tyler: Which president was expelled from his own party (whigs)? -Tyler
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FINAL REVIEW - PRESIDENTS 1. What caused the panic of 1837?...

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