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BME 301 Term Project Guidelines BME 301 Term Project Guidelines v1.0 1/1 Overview: You will design, perform, and report on a project of your own creation. The project should involve gathering data from the body in order to answer a question or generate a result. The question you are looking to answer should be complex enough that approximately 6 hours of data gathering is required. It is better to aim high and fail then to have a project that asks too simple a question. This project will be done in groups of 2 or 3 students. You will have access to the biopac equipment and transducers. Your experiment can be run in or out of lab as is feasible. There will be 3 lab sections to collect and analyze data. Examples: Develop a model for eye movement that is different from the Westheimer model and find its parameters. Investigate the effect of exercise on a certain physiologic response or responses. Develop a new lab section for the class testing some phenomena that we haven’t addressed.
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