nanorobots - Stimulation of nanorobots using predator prey...

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Stimulation of nanorobots using predator – prey approach Senthil Kumaran.S Swathi.M Registration ID: PPT206 Stream: Artificial intelligence Abstract The field which combines medicine and engineering has always produced fruitful results. Nanorobotics is one such kind of field. It’s in a very budding stage and developing at a rapid phase. The progress has been very rapid until, the developers discovered a stunning fact. The developers used agent based programming, for control of nanorobots. This worked well under predefined conditions. But when these nanorobots are subjected to unknown and unpredictable environments they have acted odd and failed continuously. Since our physiological medium is very complex and generally unpredictable in nature, we need a comprehensive programming approach to control these nanorobots. With future applications ranging from working in physiological system as lymphocytes, to give additional immunity to human beings, and hence increasing the average life, how to control these nanorobots in the extremely complex and unpredictable physiological medium, is a question of billion dollars. In this paper we are incorporating the art of predator prey approach which is derived from biological model, as agent based programming but are more advantageous .this works on the basis of hungry predator wont loose focus from the prey. It will constantly work against the prey and make the downfall of prey. In this paper we have also proposed a model algorithm based on the predator prey concept. We have also written a works out source code for controlling the nanorobots inside the target medium. Also the key concept of this paper is analyzing the biological behavior of nanorobots entering the physiological and discussing the issues what made the agent
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nanorobots - Stimulation of nanorobots using predator prey...

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