Nano1 - Design of Micro- and Nano-robots Main Codourey,...

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of Micro- and Nano-robots Main Codourey, Roland Buechi, Wolfgang Zesch, Roland Siegwart Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Institute of Robotics LEO, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland email [email protected] Abstrad Nanotechnology is a key issue in tows and tomorrow's development of advanced products. Soon. new tools will be needed to automatically handle and assemble micro-sized objects with nanometer resolution, or simply to give humans being the capabiliry of operating in those tiny dintensionS. The development of micro- and nano-robots appears in that sense as one of the most promising issues in the near furwe. This paper describes two new robot designs. where the focus has been put firstly in high accuracy, and secondly to the reduction of the overall dimensions. The jrst robot uses pieso actuators to achieve very precise displacements and the second one is a fully autonomous mimawe mobile robot based on watch-type gears. Keywords ROBOT - MICRO-ROBOT - NANO-ROBOT - NANOTECHNOLOGY 1 Introduction The development of advanced products requires more and more accuracy and the tendency moves toward smaller components. Today, most of those tiny mechanical structures are machined directly into a silicon wafer using chemically-based machining techniques which created the success of the micro- electronics industry in the past. Unfortunately, these techniques allow only plane machining, so that 3 dimensional structures are very difficult to realize. Building 3D components often requires an assembly phase, i.e. manipulating the objects in space and giving forces during the attachment process. If the problem is already well solved for "human-sized" components by using robots or assembly machines, there is still a lack of tools for tiny sbuctures which require high accuracy to be assembled. Thus, the development of new micro- and nano-mbots with high precision is of high importance [MOnShita93, Sato931. Envisioned applications are: mounting of hybrid chips (e.g. Laser diodes), microsensors and micromachines positioning and mounthg of optoelectronic devices microsurgery sorting of biological cells for diagnosis If the precision is primordial, it is also important, for several applications, to reduce the size of the robot as much as possible, e.g. to use it for pipe inspection or inside the human body. Thus, our 340 0-8186-6482-7194 $4.00 0 1994 IEEE
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Nano1 - Design of Micro- and Nano-robots Main Codourey,...

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