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BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 325 INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL IMAGING FALL 2010 A. SAHAKIAN HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT NUMBER 3 ASSIGNED Friday October 8, 2010 Due Friday October 15 1) Define and explain the differences between the Roentgen, Rad and Rem. 2) Describe back-projection and filtered back-projection in CT. 3) Briefly describe the central slice theorem and explain how it relates to CT. 4) Consider the object (phantom) shown in Figure 13-4. Sketch the “Sinogram” corresponding to this object over the full range of angles from 0 to 360 degrees. 5) A 1 MHz plane ultrasound wave is traveling from muscle into skull bone at an angle of incidence (from the normal) of 4 degrees. Calculate the angle of reflection and transmission. Calculate the relative intensities (power per unit area) of the reflected and transmitted ultrasound waves. Repeat this problem
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Unformatted text preview: interchanging bone and muscle. Ignore attenuation in this problem. 6) Repeat 4) for an ultrasound wave at 1 MHz exactly normal to the interface between the muscle and bone. 7) What is the wavelength of 10 MHz ultrasound in blood? 8) How thick should a PZT-4 ultrasound transducer operating at 10 MHz in the thickness mode be if the transducer is (a) operating in blood, (b) operating in muscle? 9) If a plane wave carrying 2 mW per square cm of ultrasound power at 1 MHz is introduced into liver tissue, calculate the power after it has traveled (a) 5 cm and (b) 10 cm in the liver. 10) Sketch the field pattern expected from a 1 cm diameter disc ultrasound transducer operating in water at 1 MHz. Label the Fresnel and Fraunhofer zones and indicate the position of the last axial maximum and give its distance from the transducer....
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