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BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 325 INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL IMAGING FALL 2010 A. SAHAKIAN HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT NUMBER 5 ASSIGNED Friday 11/5/10 DUE Friday 11/12/10 1) A sample of 99m Tc containing 10 mCi/mL was prepared at 8 am. If 0.5 mCi is to be injected into a patient at 4 pm, what volume should be withdrawn from the sample at that time? How many decays per second will this volume be undergoing? 2) Assume that the biological half-life of iodine (any isotope) in the human thyroid is 24.5 days. Calculate the effective half lives of 123 I and 125 I in the thyroid. 3) A volume of 2 mL of 123 I-labeled albumen with a net count rate of 1.0 x 10 5 counts/sec was injected into the blood of an animal. A 1-mL sample of the animal’s blood is drawn 13 hours later and found to have a count rate of 400 counts/sec. What is the animal’s blood volume? 4) Do a web search and print out samples of a: a) Human gamma (Anger) camera image
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Unformatted text preview: b) Human PET image c) Human SPECT image Describe each image, why it was taken and what it shows, and which radionuclide/tracer was used in what form and why. 5) In principle, in PET the site of gamma particle pair generation can be further localized to a specific point along the line which the gammas travel based on the time difference of their arrivals at the detectors. Do a web or library search and report at least one recent research or commercial attempt to exploit this information. What practical/engineering challenge(s) are there with this method? 6) What is the advantage of operating (i.e. choice of voltage bias) an ionization tube (e.g. a Geiger Muller tube) in the “Geiger region?” 7) Assume that a particular isotope is a gamma emitter with gamma energy 160 keV. Sketch the Pulse Height Analyzer spectrum of a sample of this source including scattered radiation....
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