Homework 4 2009 301

Homework 4 2009 301 - BMD ENG 301 Homework 4 (due 11/20/09)...

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BMD ENG 301 Homework 4 (due 11/20/09) ************************************************************************ NEGATIVE MARKS ARE GIVEN FOR INCORRECT ANSWERS ON MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS. ************************************************************************ Molar gas constant (R) 8.3143 Jmol -1 K -1 Faraday constant (F) 9.64870 X 10 4 Cmol -1 0 o C 273.15 K NOTE: Before starting a question: 1) Read the full text of the question (i.e., all parts) 2) Think carefully about what is being asked. 3) Organize what information you will need to answer the question. Partial credit will be given for work that heads in the right direction, even if you don’t get to the right answer. Write down only what you believe to be relevant. 1. What is meant by the term gyrus ? [1 point] 2. Which of the following structures are parts of the diencephalon ? [1 point each correct answer] (i) the pons (ii) the thalamus (iii) the medulla (iv) the cerebellum (v) the hypothalamus 3. What is the corpus callosum? [1 point] 4. What is the output signal of a neuroendocrine cell and where does it go? [2 points] 5. A spinal motor neuron delivers its output signal to an effector organ. What is that organ, what neurotransmitter does the motor neuron release and what is the name of the post- synaptic response? [3 points]
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6. When the membrane potential of a nerve cell sits at its resting potential, and assuming that
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Homework 4 2009 301 - BMD ENG 301 Homework 4 (due 11/20/09)...

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