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Synaptic Processes Homework Part I

Synaptic Processes Homework Part I - where you take...

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Synaptic Processes Homework Part I Objective : This homework provides you with an explorative learning exercise, intending to increase the depth of your understanding of synaptic processes. Step 1 : Run through the Powerpoint presentation titled “Synapse Homework Part I”. Step 2 : Answer the following questions: 1. What is your daily intact of caffeine? If your caffeine originates from soft drinks, the file titled “Caffeine in soft drinks” should help you calculate how much caffeine you consume daily. 2. Assuming normal metabolism, plot out for yourself the concentration of caffeine in your body over a 24-hour period starting at midnight. Try to be faithful to your normal habit of caffeine ingestion; i.e., note on the timeline
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Unformatted text preview: where you take caffeine and how much. 3. In addition to the health effects noted in the Powerpoint presentation, what else do we know about the consequences of excessive caffeine consumption? 4. How much caffeine taken daily can result in physical dependence? 5. What other ways than through drinks can one ingest caffeine? 6. What is the physiological action of caffeine? Which physiological systems does caffeine affect? 7. What does the design on the coffee cup of slide 5 mean? To answer questions 3-7 you will have to use the library and the web for research. Please do your research by November 2 when we will have a class discussion....
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