LAB3-09 - i D = I Dss(1 – v GS/V p 2 where I Dss is the...

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ECE 225 ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS LABORATORY EXPERIMENT #3 BJT AND FET CIRCUITS 1. Construct the circuit shown in Fig.(1) using indicated values. Use frequency of 1kHz. (a) Determine . o vs s v A v = (b) Form s R by a 5.1K resistor with a 510K resistor fed by the voltage generator as shown in Fig. (2). Determine i v to avoid clipping. (c) Determine . o v i v A v = (d) Replace the 510K series resistor by a 47K resistor. Adjust E R to produce CE V = 5 volts (turn OFF power supply when changing E R ). (e) Determine i v to avoid clipping. (f) Connect 6.8 F μ capacitor across E R . (g) Restore the 500K series resistor. Determine i R for the circuit with and without the condenser across E R . (h) Measure the Q-point ( , , c B CE I I V ) and compare with your results from prelab. 2. Using the N-channel JFET supplied, construct the circuit shown in Fig. (3). JFET transistor has three junctions: drain (D), gate (G) and source (S). If the transistor is ON, the drain current is determined based on the following equation:
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Unformatted text preview: i D = I Dss (1 – v GS /V p ) 2 where I Dss is the drain current when gate-to-source voltage (V GS ) is zero; and V p is a negative voltage called the Gate-Source Cutoff Voltage. I Dss and V p are defined in the Date Sheet. The output drain current is related to input gate-to-source voltage by the transconductance gain g m , where g m = -2 (I Dss /V p )(1 – V GS /V p ) (in units of mmhos) The circuit requires that R σ have a value of 2.2K. Measure and determine the Q-point ( , , D GS DS I V V ). Also, from the measured gain (v /v gs ), determine m g and compare to that given on Data Sheet (named forward transfer admittance). Hint: v o = - g m R D v gs , where v gs = v s [5.1K / (510K + 5.1K)] Prelab : Find the Q-point for the circuit in Fig. (1) assuming that F β =100....
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LAB3-09 - i D = I Dss(1 – v GS/V p 2 where I Dss is the...

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