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Syllabus ECE 310 Continuous and Discrete Signals and Systems Summer Term, 2010 Many kinds of signals occur naturally and many signals are synthesized. We store, process, and communicate these signals. This course is concerned with modeling continuous and discrete time signals, and how such signals can be analyzed based on these models. We will also learn how to model continuous and discrete time systems, and we will develop methods to analyze these kinds of systems to see how they are useful to process signals. Course: CRN 13849 Time and Place: TR, 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM, 6/10/10 - 8/3/10, A2 LC. Instructor: Prof. Roland Priemer University of Illinois at Chicago ECE Dept., MC/154 851 S. Morgan St. Chicago, Il 60607 Telephone number: (312) 996-5491 email: priemer@ece.uic.edu fax: (312) 996-6465 Office: 1123 SEO Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM Other office hours are available by appointment. Prerequisite: Math 220 and credit or concurrent registration in ECE 225
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Unformatted text preview: or ECE 210. Text: Signal Processing and Linear Systems , B. P. Lathi, ISBN: 0-19-521917-1. Recommend Text: Some text on MATLAB. Topics: signals and properties; systems and properties; Fourier series; Fourier transform; Laplace transform; Z-transform; analysis of linear systems; state space methods. Much MATLAB programming. The final grade is determined as follows. Homework: 10% MATLAB programming: 20%. Six quizzes: 35%, a 25 minute quiz every Tuesday, starting in the second week. The best 5 out of 6 quiz scores will be used toward the final grade. Final exam: 35% Homework and programming assignments and due dates will be posted on-line on the Blackboard. Completed assignments will be collected in class on the posted due date, and graded assignments will be returned in class. Late assignments will not be accepted. There will be no make-up quizzes....
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