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Homework seven EECS 203 Due 22 May 2009 1. (10 pts.) For the simple machine we started discussing in class, show reasonable encodings for each of the eight instructions: add, adr1, adr2, adr3 subtract, adr1, adr2, adr3 compare, adr1, adr2, adr3 cjump, adr1, adr2, adr3 jump, adr halt input, adr output, adr For example, the add instruction might have the following encoding: instruction 0–3 4–7 8–11 12–15 add 0000 adr 1 adr 2 adr 3 2. (20 pts.) Write assembly code for the simple machine to compute the LCM
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Unformatted text preview: (Least Common Multiple) of two numbers. 3. (20 pts.) Write assembly code for the simple machine to find the maximum among 10 numbers. 4. (5 pts.) How many bits must the simple machine’s PC register have? Justify your answer in two or fewer sentences. 5. (5 pts.) If you were permitted to make one or two simple changes to the instruc-tion set of the simple machine, what would they be? 1...
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