lab4 - Laboratory assignment four Twos-complement...

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Laboratory assignment four Two’s-complement arithmetic EECS 203 Lab due on 3 November Updated by Robert Dick (based on an existing lab) Please carefully review lecture four before starting this assignment. If you make catastrophic wiring mis- takes, this could result in be exploding integrated circuits sending chunks of plastic into your forehead. In this laboratory assignment, you will be building a device capable of adding and subtracting three-bit two’s- complement numbers. Please show your work in your lab report. 1 Assignment In lab two and three, I told stories to illustrate why encoding, decoding, and error correction are useful. I hope those stories were useful. However, I assume everybody already knows why adding and subtracting are useful. In this assignment, you’ll be building a device to do arithmetic. Similar devices are found in calculators and microprocessors. I’ll get right to the point. Build a device with the following inputs 1. a : a three-bit ( a 2 , a 1 , a
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lab4 - Laboratory assignment four Twos-complement...

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