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Unformatted text preview: Laboratory assignment six Program a GCD machine EECS 203 Lab due on 27 May 2009. In this laboratory assignment, you will be writing an assembly language program to compute the GCD of two numbers. Please show your work in your lab report. 1 Assignment Please take advantage of the references available on the blackboard. They will help you get started with assembly language programming. Links to the Linux and Windows PIC16C74A assembler and simulator can also be found at the site. 1. Write an assembly language program for the PIC16C74A that given two numbers in the unsigned binary format, compute the GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) of them, and display the result on the 8 LEDs. 2. Assemble and simulate the program. 3. Bring a floppy disk for USB drive containing the assembly and hex files to your lab check. There, you will be shown how to write the program into the electrically programmable read-only memory (EPROM) of the PIC16C74A microcontroller and run your program on the prototyping board. It’s O.K. to discuss the lab with your classmates but don’t just copy their code. 2 Requirements Please prepare a laboratory report. This report should contain the following information. 1. A problem statement or objective for the laboratory assignment. 2. The work you used in achieving this objective. 3. The listing for your assembly language program. The lab will be graded as follows: Component Program functionality Code organization Showing work Weight 5 3 2 1 ...
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