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IonChannels - Ion Channels in Brain and...

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Ion Channels in Brain and Muscle (non-comprehensive) Type of Channel Selectivity Gating Subcellular Localization Primary Role Leak channels varies none widespread in PM resting potential subtypes: 1) Na + leak channel Na + 2) K + leak channel K + Voltage-gated channels varies Δ Vm varies action potential subtypes: 3) v-gated Na + channel Na + depolarization to threshold see below* rising phase of AP 4) v-gated K + channel K + depolarization to threshold see below* falling phase of AP, AHP (aka delayed rectifier K channel) * found at high densities in axon hillock, nodes of ranvier (myelinated axons), unmyelinated axons, and muscle; at lower densities in neuronal dendrites. 5) v-gated Ca 2+ channel Ca 2+ depolarization (by AP) presynaptic membrane (AZ) triggers transmitter release Ligand-gated channels varies binding of transmitter/signal postsynaptic membrane ^ postsynaptic effect subtypes: 6) AMPA receptor cations glutamate prevalent in dendrites, soma EPSP 1 7) NMDA receptor
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