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1 CH 101 – Section 003 “Chemistry – A Molecular Science” Spring 2011 CONTACT INFORMATION Class meets: MWF 11:20-12:10 in DABNEY 222 Instructor: Edmond Bowden Office: REGULAR OFFICE: 323 Partners III Bldg (Centennial Campus) TEMPORARY DABNEY OFFICE: 618 Dabney Hall Phone: 515-7069 Email: [email protected] (Please send all email to this address) Office Hours: x 1:00-2:00, Mondays & Thursdays, 618 Dabney Hall x Or by appointment (please email with suggested day). Dabney meeting will be arranged if possible (best times are 2:00-3:00 Monday, 2:00-3:00 Thursday, and 12:30-1:30 Friday). Otherwise, appointments to be held in my Centennial Campus office (usually available most Tuesdays) Course description: Chemistry – A Molecular Science is a one-semester course on molecular bonding, structure, and reactivity. It is a course that emphasizes physical concepts and chemical predictions rather than numerical problem solving. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Prerequisites x one year of high school chemistry, or completion of CH 111 with a grade of C- or better x eligibility for MA107 Corequisite x CH 102 Laboratory -- Register separately! You are required to be enrolled in a section of CH 102 , or to have received credit for CH 102 in a previous semester . Lab experiments will begin on Tuesday, January 25 th . Information concerning the laboratory can be found at http://courses.ncsu.edu/ch102/lec/001/ .
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2 COURSE MATERIALS x WebAssign Access ( required ): Gives access to three items: homework, eBook and solutions manual. Cost: $57.95. Purchase access at http://webassign.ncsu.edu x Textbook, paper ( optional ): Dennis W. Wertz, Chemistry - A Molecular Science , 2009, Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc., $50.60. COURSE TOPICS Topics to be covered this semester along with corresponding textbook chapters and the number of class periods devoted to each topic: Topic Chapter Classes The Early Experiments 1 3 Quantum Theory 2 3 Atomic Structure and Properties 3 2 The Ionic Bond 4 2 The Covalent Bond 5 2 Molecular Structure and Bonding 6 3 Structure of Matter and Changes in State 7 3 Solids 8 2 Reaction Energetics 9 5 Solutions 10 4 Electron Transfer and Electrochemistry 11 4 Acid-Base Chemistry 12 4 Organic Chemistry 13 3 CLASSROOM DECORUM x Please keep social conversations outside of class. It is acceptable to briefly clarify a point regarding the material being covered with a neighbor.
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