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Pols 383 notes

Pols 383 notes - community the economic miracle leadership...

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Political Science 383 Politics of the European Union Timeline of the European Union Treaty of Paris 1951 - Creates European coal and steel community, joint supervision. Political: Post-war climate unification sentiment, create interdependency (insurance against war) Economic: Trade more efficient, reduced transaction costs (tariffs), currency exchange, and economic recovery Treaty of Rome 1958 - European Economic Community (EEC), establishing a common market (free movement of goods), common policies (agriculture) Political: Fear of rejuvenated Germany, NATO membership Economic: Economic recovery, exports, early success of European coal and steel
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Unformatted text preview: community/ the economic miracle- leadership, Marshall aid, phoenix effect (Germany reborn) Schengen Agreement 1985- Borderless Europe (free movement of people and goods, European communities. Political: development of some kind of European identity/ détente- easing of tensions, fear of soviets, need to band together Treaty of Maastricht 1993- 3 pillar structure (expansive cooperation), EU, European citizenship, 3-stage timeline for European Monetary Union Political: Great deal of optimism, re-unification of Germany...
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