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The biggest obstacle to proving black holes exist is of course the fact that they cannot be seen. As stated in the video the only way to “see” one is to look for the effects around the area. Another obstacle is that we cannot send satellites out to search for one because once the satellites got close enough to measure the effects and conclusively prove one exists they would be dragged into the black hole and would have no way of escape, as the gravity is so strong in one, even radio waves theoretically could not escape, thus eliminating the possibility of a kamikaze style investigation by satellite such as was done recently on Jupiter or one of its moons, my memory fails me at this point on which was accomplished. The lack of evidence is a problem because for a clear hypothesis to be able to be tested some sort of
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Unformatted text preview: evidence needs to be in existence or no tests can be carried out. Also without evidence, the existence of black holes in general is in question. Searching for microscopic items to me with our current technology and microscopes in existence today is much easier than our search for black holes. With black holes, no real technology exists that is able to conclusively detect and showcase these events, while there is technology to find and display microscopic particles. I think that the search for black holes is more similar to the search for underwater life, while we do have a basic understanding of more shallow water life, the very deep sea life where no creature nor vehicle known to us can go, we still cannot prove if there is any more life down there that we do not know of yet....
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