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1 of 13 USC Spring Semester 2010 CTPR 327 MOTION PICTURE CAMERA - COURSE OVERVIEW Introduction to the theory and practice of motion picture photography. Students work in groups to shoot in class exercises on 16mm color film. The emphasis is on controlling the image through the use of camera placement, lens selection, movement, lighting and composition. Open to all undergraduate students. Thursday 6:30pm - 9:30pm Harold Lloyd Soundstage Instructor: Robert Ballo 626-675-1055 - Cell 626-584-9515 – Office – Please use First [email protected] Office: SCA 421 Thursday 4:30-6:15p Teaching Asst: Adam Watson 3917-744-8046 – Cell [email protected] 3 Units
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2 of 13 Art is the lie that makes us realize the truth Pablo Picasso Course Description : Cinema-TV 327 is an excellent introduction to the creative and technical challenges of motion picture photography. The content of the course will emphasize learning how to express ideas, moods, story and character using basic photographic and lighting principals to control the images you create. Course Objective: To learn how to operate camera and lighting equipment and to begin to "see" light, manipulate it and to accurately record the images you pre-visualize on motion picture film. What to expect from the course: You will be exposed to a wide variety of cinematic challenges that will enable you to develop your "eye". You will learn how to expose film, as well as how to manipulate the light, camera and content of your "scenes" into a meaningful, conceptual presentation. If you commit to this learning process you will finish the course with a basic competence in these areas and should have a more refined idea concerning how best to pursue your development in filmmaking and in particular, cinematography. This is an ideal introduction to motion picture photography for aspiring cinematographers, as well as for those interested in directing, editing, art directing, writing and producing. The first few class meetings will be lectures designed to give you the basics to get you going. The remainder of the meetings will be photographing in-class "Scene Projects", the guidelines for which I will provide. Equipment is not available outside of class periods. Safe Conduct. The stage is a place where people can be seriously injured or equipment damaged beyond repair. Pay attention. Dress Code: The sound stage is an industrial work environment. All students must come to class prepared for physical work. You must wear long pants and close toed shoes. Shorts, skirts, dresses, sandals and flip-flops will not be allowed. If you come inappropriately attired, you will be asked to leave and will be marked absent. I also strongly suggest you bring leather palmed work gloves. Appropriate and Professional Behavior:
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A9RE9DA.tmp - USC Spring Semester 2010 CTPR 327 MOTION...

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