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UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL AND AEROSPACE ENGINEERING MAE 3800 Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory EXPERIMENT #5 Design and implementation of a pressure measurement system for soda cans. Due: Thursday, March 25 Pre-lab Assignment : Watch the two video clips on Blackboard: Course Documents: (1) Strain gage attachment video; (2) A video on soldering. The problem: The company you work for has been asked to find the reason why a new brand of sodas spontaneously pop-open on the store shelves. Although there can be several reasons responsible for the problem, your assignment is to actually measure the pressure within the soda cans. Your specific tasks are: select a methodology for pressure measurement; implement the equipment setup; carry out instrument calibration; conduct the measurement; collect necessary data from handbooks; conduct necessary calculations; report your results. Report format You are required to prepare a technical memo addressed to your lab instructor. The report must include the following: 1. Objective (2 pts) 2. Instrument setup, including related electrical circuit diagram (3 pts) 3. Procedures, including calibration (3 pts) 4. Measurement results, including relevant calculations (3 pts) 5. Conclusion (2 pts) 6. A report that is deemed well-written by the grader (2 pts).
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Background Information for Pressure Measurement Using Strain Gages 1. Relationships between pressure and strains The task of measuring the pressure inside an unopened soft drink container is simplified substantially by allowing the experiment to be destructive: that is, to allow the container to be opened during the test. With this freedom, several possibilities are available for measuring the pressure. The obvious choice is to attach a strain gage to the container wall, and monitor the change in the strain component when the container is opened. Simple strain theory is
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Lab5pressure measurementSP10 - UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI...

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