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UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL AND AEROSPACE ENGINEERING MAE 3800 Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory Spring 2010 EXPERIMENT #2 Basic Lab Instruments Due: 5:00pm, Tuesday, February 9 1 Introduction: This experiment is designed to introduce you to the basic instruments that will be used throughout the course. Thorough familiarization with the techniques covered in this experiment will pay off later in the term and in your professional life, with less lost data, faster experiment execution, and a higher confidence level in your own work. 1.1 Objectives To learn to use a digital multimeter (DMM), an oscilloscope, and a function generator (FG) To measure the input impedance of the DMM 1.2 Equipment: Tektronix TDS2002 oscilloscope Agilent 33220A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Fluke 45 digital multimeter (DMM) Resistor board 1.3 Suggested reading: sections 4.1-4.5, 4.7, 7.7 of the textbook 1.4 Report format For this experiment you do not have to write a report. Use the REPORT BOOKLET to record and analyze results, and hand it in in lieu of a report. 2. Description of Equipment 2.1 Comments on Cables & Adaptors Probably the most common professional instrumentation cable is the " BNC" coaxial cable , with a male "BNC" connector at each end. The coaxial cable consists of a central conductor surrounded by a braided shield, which is connected to the shell of the BNC connectors. Most instruments are equipped with BNC female receptacles. (Another common receptacle in the instruments is a pair of binding posts, which accepts double "banana" plugs .) Note that the shell of BNC receptacle is always grounded. Other cables you will find in the lab are coaxial cables with a male BNC at one end and double banana plug at the other end, and coaxial cables with a male BNC at one end and alligator clips at the other end. There are a number of adapters to adapt BNC to banana and vice versa. The functions of these adapters are quite obvious; the most important
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