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MAE3800Test2_3 - M 3[15 points A hollow cylinder with outer...

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Unformatted text preview: M 3. [15 points] A hollow cylinder with outer diameter D0 and inner diameter D, is subject to a force Fx. However, this force does not pass through the center of the cylinder and has an “offset” distance 32 from the center. The cylinder is made of a material with Young’s modulus E and Poisson’s ratio 1/ . Two strain gages are mounted on the surface of the cyiinder as shown in the figure below. The strain gage sensitivity direction is along the axial direction of the cylinder. (a) [6 pts] Based on statics, the force Fx is equivalent to the combined effect of an axial force and a concentrated moment. Obtain the stresses at location A and B caused by the combined effect of the axial force and the concentrated moment. (b) [3 pts] Obtain the strains at location A and B. (c) [3 pts} If strain gage A is used in a quarter bridge circuit, does the bridge voltage output depend on the “offset" distance )2 ‘3 (d) [3 pts] If both strain gages are used in a half bridge circuit and they are arranged on the two opposite arms of the Wheatstone bridge, does the bridge voltage output depend on the “offset” distance y? " Side View C I ass section Given data: D, = 0.0188 m; D0 = 0.0217 m; E = 6.89 * 1010 Mini; v = 0.33 q l :1 b warmly 3.942, X!“ W ,6 (is? a we l/jt - T} .t -,“ - E m fidkd‘bbl. dis-is: F‘C‘jw‘gfj d) Vase Ur SHH Wycdf embl— 1‘. j: (Irv (Mae 0,; who} {a an ”QM?" ad am! who {Ilia : of \~. J " E a: __ ...
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