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piezoelectric project - The design is to compose of a...

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Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory Design Project Piezoelectric Detection System John Grunzinger (33%) Matthew Swaters 02207077 (33%) Anthony Valenti (33%)
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Abstract This design project is to use a piezoelectric force sensor lab analysis to develop a a low cost sensor system to detect illegal immigrants or terrorists that are trying to be smuggled into the United States by container trucks. Introduction The U.S. Border Patrol has asked us to determine a low cost sensor system to detect people hidden in container trucks trying to be smuggled across the border. The setup to be evaluated involved a piezoelectric sensor in conjunction with a high gain charge amplifier to detect small variations in force. The high pass characteristics of the load cell remove the constant weight of the truck which leaves only the human activities (heart beats, movements) to be amplified by the system. Any unusual data would then be grounds for a search of the container. Proposed Design
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Unformatted text preview: The design is to compose of a Kistler #912 quartz load cell installed in a large weighing scale. Attached to the load cell is a Kistler #5004 charge amplifier which relays the signal to a computer and oscilloscope which can be seen in Fig. 1. The method for checking the truck would be driving the truck onto the scales that contain the load cells. The driver and all other passengers would then be required to exit the vehicle and the engine must be shut down. A certain grace period must be allowed for the vehicle to come to steady state (i.e. fluids stop moving in the engine) before a scan can be taken. Once at steady state a computer equipped with an AquireNScan2File.vi will give a visual output of the voltage graph showing any unusual motions, heartbeats, and forces in the truck. Any irregualarties of the system would then be grounds for a manual search of the vehicle by the U.S. Border Patrol. Fig 1. Proposed design of instrument setup....
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