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Health Communication Technologies

Health Communication Technologies - Health Communication...

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Health Communication Technologies – WK 2 HCA 230 (AXIA Online) Instructors: MELISSA YARBRO . The way that I would summarize health communication and how it will change the health care field as use becomes widespread is this, in the future you may be able to see your doctor without ever having to leave the privacy of your home. Now to explain that is that way that we communicate with each other in itself has changed, and the medical environment is no different. We are a very much so get in no society and we demand the same of our doctors. One of the major ways that communication has changed is we no longer have to sit and wait for the doctor to call us back, we can be out and about, we can be calling the DR on the way to take a child to the ER, the cell phone has numerous plus that allow us better communication with our physicians. Some offices our even allowing patients to communicate with their DR are by email, and make appointments by email. I do see that the changes in health communication will take if
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