Hippa Checkpoint Week Three

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Hippa Checkpoint Week Three The three major pros to the HIPPA act are; 1) patients records are more private, 2)it lessens the chance of deniability for coverage when changing jobs, and 3) the patient can basically choose who they want to be able to see their records. The first and third one go hand in hand, a person medical record are now more private and secure because by law the patient has to sign off on someone seeing their records if the patient hasn’t signed of then access to the records will not be granted. The second one is a huge benefit to all because before this law came into effect if you had a preexisting condition it didn’t matter if you had insurance or not if you went to change carriers then the new carrier could and normally would deny any and all claims related to the preexisting condition. Along with the good there is always, bad. The major downfalls with the HIPPA act so far are these. Although HIPPA was put into place and designed to protect the Doctors and there office, since there is no
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