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Gabriela Pleschová, PhD. Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Institute of European Studies and International Relations Odbojarov 10/A, P. O. Box 129 82005 Bratislava, Slovakia The 2007 epsNet general conference Europe: Integration and/or Fragmentation? Subtheme B: Internal and External Security Panel 1. Immigration, Integration, and Xenophobia in Europe Chinese Migrants in Slovakia – Little Transparency of Business Environment Strengthened by Competing Policies Abstract: Since the beginning of 1990s Chinese minority has established itself as a steady part of societies in Central Europe. In Slovakia, approximately two thousand Chinese form a small but visible community. Within recent priorities of the Slovak government and the European Union these people have been trapped in between contradicting policies. Firstly, they are the efforts to combat illegal trade and illegal work as documented by everyday procedures of the Slovak authorities. Then, there is a strong commitment to fulfil criteria for entering the Shenghen union in 2008 which makes the policy towards migrants stricter. On the other hand, for more than five years attracting foreign investors has been the chief economic policy of the Slovak government – recently both foreign minister and the prime minister during their visits in China attempted to draw more Chinese businessmen to Slovakia. In 2006 Chinese companies of Lenovo and Huawei started their ventures in Bratislava and other are expected to follow their example. In my paper I discuss the composition of Chinese population in Slovakia, whether they are still mainly small traders or if we can speak more about investors and larger numbers are supposed to come. I mainly focus on the issue how do these competing policies influence their business strategies discussing the problem whether they may discourage the Chinese entrepreneurs from investing in Slovakia. Introduction Chinese migrants in Slovakia constitute an interesting but a little-known phenomenon. Since the end of 1980s several dozens of thousands of Chinese have arrived to Central Europe from which some thousands of migrants settled or temporarily stayed in Slovakia. While there have already been a number of studies published about the Chinese population in Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland (Moore and Tubilewicz 2000, Mezlíková-Moore 2000, Nyíri 2003, 1999, 1998, Laczko and Thompson 2000, Obuchová 1999) Chinese in Slovakia remain largely under-researched. Until now, there have only been published two shorter scholarly papers examining the topic of Chinese settlers in Slovakia (Poľaško 2006, Gregušová- Pleschová 2005). Not only the scholars, but also the media in Slovakia rarely pay attention to this topic providing only scattered picture of Chinese community living in the country. Nevertheless, life of Chinese migrants in Slovakia offers an interesting example of
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paper_Ljubljana_Pleschova2007_final - Gabriela Pleschov,...

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