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2- Day Workshop Design of Sensor based Embedded System Using 8051 Introduction To Embedded System System A system is a way of working, organizing or doing one or many tasks according to a fixed plan, program, or set of rules. A system is also an arrangement in which all its units assemble and work together according to the plan or program. Conventional system A Computer is a system that has the following or more components. 1. A microprocessor 2. A large memory comprising the following two kinds: (a)Primary memory (semiconductor memories-RAM, ROM and fast accessible caches) (b)Secondary memory (magnetic memory located in hard disks, diskettes and cartridge tapes and optical memory in CD-ROM) 3. Input units like keyboard, mouse, digitizer, scanner,etc. 4. Output units like video monitor, printer, etc. 5. Networking units like Ethernet card, front-end processor-based drivers, etc. 6. I/O units like modem, fax cum modem etc. Definition of Embedded system An embedded system is one that has computer-hardware with software embedded in it as one of its most important component. It is dedicated computer-based system for an application. It may be either an independent system or a part of a large system. As its software usually embeds in ROM it does not need secondary memories as in a computer. An Embedded system has three main components . 1. It has hardware. 2. It has main application software. The application software may perform concurrently the series of tasks are multiple tasks. 3. It has a real time operating system that supervises the application software and provides a mechanism to let the processor run a process as per scheduling and do the context-switch between the various processes (tasks) Wayne wolf---- “What is an Embedded computing system? Loosely defined, it is any device that includes a programmable computer but is not itself intended to be a general-purpose computer and “a fax machine or a clock built from a microprocessor is an embedded computing system”. Todd D. Morton ---- Embedded systems are electronic systems that contain a microprocessor or micro controller, but we do not think of them as computers – the computer is hidden or embedded in the system. David E. Simon---P eople use the term embedded system to mean any computer system hidden in any of the products. M.V.S.R. Engg College ECE Dept 1
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2- Day Workshop Design of Sensor based Embedded System Using 8051 Categories of Embedded systems: Based on functionality and performance requirements, embedded systems can be categorized as: Stand-alone embedded systems Real-time systems Networked information appliances Mobile devices Stand- alone-embedded systems : Stand-alone embedded systems work in stand-alone mode. They take inputs, process them and produce the desired output. The input can be electrical signals from transducers or commands from a human being such as the processing of a button. The output can be electrical signals to drive another system, an LED display or LCD display
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embedded1 - 2 Day Workshop Design of Sensor based Embedded...

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