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©2002 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation www.fairchildsemi.com Rev. 1.0.1 Features • Low Temperature Coefficient • Guaranteed Temperature Stability 4mV Typical •0 . 2 Dynamic Impedance • ±1.0% Initial Tolerance Available • Easily Trimmed for Minimum Temperature Drift Description The LM336-2.5/LM336B-2.5 integrated circuits are precision 2.5V shunt regulators. The monolithic IC voltage reference operates as a low temperature coefficient 2.5V zener with 0.2W dynamic impedance. A third terminal on the LM336-2.5/LM336B-2.5 allows the reference voltage and temperature coefficient to be trimmed easily. LM336- 2.5/LM336B-2.5 are useful as a precision 2.5V low voltage reference for digital voltmeters, power supplies or OP-AMP circuitry. The 2.5V makes it convenient to obtain a stable reference from low voltage supplies. Further, since the LM336-2.5/LM336B-2.5 operate as shunt regulators, they can be used as either a positive or negative voltage reference.
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LM336 - www.fairchildsemi.com LM336-2.5/LM336B-2.5...

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