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03 Socialization

03 Socialization - #3 Socialization#3 Socialization 3...

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#3 Socialization #3 Socialization 3 Definition: the process by which we learn the ways of our society. Genes or Environment? Nature vs. Nurture Heredity or Environment Language and use of symbols – no matter what form it takes Without it there is no mechanism 4 developing thought or self-awareness Helen Keller: Deaf, blind and mute, as a child, Helen was seemingly trapped in her own world, until her teacher opened the world of communication for her. Language –Nurture Babies do not “naturally” develop into human adults; although their bodies grow, human interaction is required for them to acquire the traits we consider normal for human beings. Cooley & the Looking-Glass Self Charles Horton Cooley (1864-1929) - Symbolic Interactionism 8° & ¶ “ The “Self” is socially created in3 stages: 1. We imagine how we appear to those around us. 2. We interpret others’ reactions. 3. We develop a self-concept.
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